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British Forces Servicemen's Wives And Girlfriends get their kit off for charity!


As many of you will know, Kelly (the girl who came up with the original idea for the calendar, and our cover model), and Roy the photographer came to an arrangement with a national newspaper that they would let the newspaper have the story of how the calendar came into being and exclusive usage of photos from the calendar in exchange for the publicity the story would generate and enable them to raise as much money as possible for the Help for Heroes charity.

Unfortunately despite many promises of publication over many months, the story never actually appeared in the newspaper and we were left with a pallet load of unsold calendars, which ironically had only been printed on the strength of those promises! A reporter did put the article together and it even made a brief appearance on their website in early September, but it never appeared in the paper.

At the beginning of December, Roy and Kelly went back into the studio again and shot some topless pictures of Kelly holding the calendar. Someone heard that Kelly had topless photos taken and an action group spontaneously sprung up on FACEBOOK whereby members formed a group and when membership of the group reached 5000 Kelly had to agree to put the photos out for publication in a national newspaper!


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