QIGI i6-Goal Looks to Be the First 'Next' Android Phone to Actually Come Out

Compared to the ZzzPhone—a modern marvel of engineering and/or MSPaint—the i6-Goal is sort of boring: it's got no QWERTY, 3G, two-week battery, male enhancement powers, etc. It does, however, appear to be real.

Announced by TechFaith Wireless and QIGI, two Chinese companies that very much seem to exist, the i6-Goal is a reassuringly modest accomplishment. The touchscreen phone is a relatively normal quad-band GSM phone, featuring a 2MP camera, GPS and an SD slot. The hardware actually looks quite similar to that of the HTC Touch, which perhaps not coincidentally can hackishly run Android.

Notably, the handset will be the first released in both Windows Mobile or Android flavors, so with a little creative bootloading action users may be able to dual-boot their mobile OSes. The handset will obviously be China-only, but its release will affirm that it's not that hard to get an Android phone out, albeit a sort of lame one.

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