Was Georgia blogger cyxymu target of online attacks?

The fallout from the widespread denial of service attacks that hit a number of major websites continues. After it emerged that Google had also been targeted along with Facebook and Twitter, speculation began to swirl . Facebook security chief Max Kelly told CNet that it was a strike targeted at a single user, pro-Georgian blogger Cyxymu, while Bill Woodcock of Packet Clearing House told the Register that it was a spam-based attack. More details to follow, surely.

• Good news! Nasa says the Kepler space telescope - which is supposed to find new planets in distant space - works. Well, that's not to say it's actually found any planets, but Discover magazine has a very good explanation of exactly how they've determined that it's going to succeed.

• Thank Darwin it's Friday. As a tribute to teen comedy writer/director John Hughes - a man who had a remarkable affect on many people of my generation (I watched Pretty in Pink just last weekend) - I'm going point you to a couple of online tributes: Pitchfork has collected a lot of classic music moments; while this slightly odd video celebrating his
producer of the year award in 1991 features plenty of famous faces.

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