Исход грузинских беженцев из Абхазии. фотографии Mike Goldwater

Нашел до этого неизвестные мне фотографии, сделанные Майком Голвотером (Mike Goldwater) ровно 23 года назад, в Абхазии. Начинается съемка в Очамчири, на следующий день после падения Сухуми. Кроме Очамчири, снят исход грузин из Гальского района, и беженцы на перевале в Чубери

On the day after the fall of Sukhumi to Abkhazian forces, Georgian people in the now front-line town of Ochamchire prepare to leave

On the railway platform a mother greets her son whom she thought had died in Sukhumi, the town that had just fallen to Abkhazian forces.

After the fall of Sukhumi the day before to Abkhazian forces Ochamchire is now a frontline town. Georgians desperate to leave on the last train out of the town crowd onto the cattle-truck

Passengers at Ochamchire railway station on one of the last trains to leave the town on the day after the fall of Sukhumi to Abkhazian separatist forces

A family in Ochamchire tries to douse the flames after their house is hit in an Abkhazian rocket attack.

People climb on board a truck as Georgians abandon Ochamchire on the day after the fall of Sukhumi to advancing Abkhazian forces.

Three lines cars and trucks block the road as tens of thousands of Geogians from Ochamchire and Gali flee south before advancing Abkhazian forces.

Geogrian refugees cross the Zugdidi bridge to relative safety.

Fearing an advance by Abkhazian forces further south, this young Georgian family cross the Zugdidi bridge to relative safety.

Refugees fight to board a helicopter at Gentsvishi, a day's walk from the foot of the Chuberi pass.

For thousands of Georgian refugees fleeing from Sukhumi, Ochamchire or Gali the only way out was over the 2,7580 m Chuberi Pass. Refugees gathered at Gentsvishi hoping for a helicopter to take them to safety. However, the only option for most people was the long walk over the mountains.

Children and their grandmother sleep in an abandoned car to keep warm before they attempt to cross the Chuberi Pass on foot the following day

Refugees carrying possessions on their backs begin the long climb over the 2,780 metre high Chuberi Pass, fleeing from Abkhazian Svaneti into Georgia.

Heavy trucks and melting snow have turned the dirt road over the Chubery Pass ino an axle-deep river of mud. This large truck is hopelessly stuck.

Refugees walk with their pack horse past the body of a women as they flee over the Chuberi Pass into Georgia

In the bitter cold of dawn, refugees who have camped in the forest after crossing the Chuberi Pass into Georgia set off for the safety of Chuberi town

Refugees fleeing from Abkhazian Svaneti to Georgia on the Chuberi Pass try to help their overladen horse at it sinks to its belly in deep mud
(с) Mike Goldwater

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